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Maggie Amini

Maggie Amini – Website Design & Development

the Introduction

Hey Paul & Maggie,

Thanks for the opportunity to provide you with custom design and development solutions -- this is our passion and are excited to serve you. We appreciate your time to review this proposal. We are open to conversations about the scope and costs, so jot down questions or concerns and let's chat!


The services we provide will seek to fulfill the following:

  • Research and gather content to help the design and development process.
  • Provide a maintainable platform(s) to aid in the marketing and sales of products and services.
  • If agreed, building and/or connecting other products or services like social media feed, live customer chat, chatbot, product reviews, cart abandonment, affiliate marketing, gift card sales, etc.
  • Design and develop mobile-optimized website.

Here is a list of products, services or features that will be included.

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Discovery / Research
Discovery / Research
This phase affects ever step in the design, development, SEO and marketing process, allowing our team to “discover” the purpose behind the project to attract, engage, close and measure success.
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Site Map
Site Map
A site map is an important step to establish and help us visualize the relationship and hierarchical order of all pages for your website. A site map will include page titles but is not meant to outline the actual page contents.
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Similar to the blueprint used to help build a house, wireframes are visual guides that represents the skeletal framework of a website and help keep focus on the architecture prior to the design/styling portion of work.
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Responsive Design Prototype
Responsive Design Prototype
Responsive web design ensures your website will respond and display properly on a variety of devices or screen sizes (e.g. Desktop, Tablet, Phone).
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Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage
No more worrying about the storage, security or delivery of your files with our cloud storage.
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Turbo-Charged Hosting
Turbo-Charged Hosting
Our hosting service is crazy-fast and super-reliable with a global content-delivery network, 99.9% uptime, SSL protocols for establishing an authenticated and encrypted website.
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Social Feed
Social Feed
Integrate your social posts directly on your website in real-time. For example, any time you post on Instagram, those posts will display directly on your website for users to view and interact with.
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Web Development (Level 2)
Web Development (Level 2)
More than attractive and functional, our Level 2 Development goes beyond a standard build to integrate unique features to help facilitate the growth of your organization.
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eCommerce Integration
eCommerce Integration
Fully functional e-commerce platform with a full back-office management dashboard to track abandoned carts, sales, orders, customers and more.
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CMS Training
CMS Training
You've Got The Power--to make updates on your own that is! No more paying developers just to wait even longer every time you need a simple change to your website, we provide training to help your team make changes on-the-fly.

Here is a list of OPTIONAL products, services or features that will be included.

No items found.

The Process:

Agreement & Discovery

With all agreements in place, the initial phase will require us to align on your brand, market, and platforms in order to aid in the design and development process.

Establish Site-Map

After discovery, build out and agree upon the site-map (like a floor plan for your site) to provide additional enhancements.

Client to Provide All Remaining Content

Just after the Discovery and Site-Map phases are complete, you are to provide all remaining and final content necessary for this option that includes but is not limited to:

  • Discovery Questionnaire **Most of which may already have been addressed.
  • Account credentials pertinent to project (e.g. Domain Registration, Hosting, Nameservers, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • All Copy & Other Specifications (e.g., About the Org, Promotional copy, product descriptions / pricing, etc.)
  • Legal copy (e.g. Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy, etc.)
  • Logos (High-resolution, ideally vector based like SVG, AI, or EPS)
  • Web-Ready Fonts (as necessary to maintain brand)
  • Graphic, Photos, Video, 3D files, etc.
  • Other Documents, etc.

Product/Service Costs (Website, CMS, Hosting, Security Certificates)

To optimize time during the design phase, we will need to have new hosting services implemented. Hosting services are required to maintain proper storage, security, and delivery of your website. Hosting costs may vary depending on the final selection of products or services and may either be billed directly from us or remain your responsibility.

Website Wireframes

After establishing the site-map, yet prior to visual design, we may additionally build-out wireframes for key pages.

Visual Design & Prototyping

After establishing and agreeing upon the sitemap and wireframes, we may provide visual designs for certain key pages with hopes to progress into development while remaining page designs overlap.

Develop & Test

With some or all pages designed, begin development of a responsive website, content management system, e-commerce elements and functionality for all items within scope.

Training on Platform & Website Launch

The final milestone is to provide training on the final solution as it pertains to project and then hand­-off or go-live with the final products or services.

Research, Design & Development Costs:

While the basic scope of work for this job comes to $7,800, a discount of 15% off has been applied, taking the design and development cost to $6,630.00.

Other Product or Service Costs:

Within the proposal costs linked below, you'll also find annual hosting costs. We can discuss these in detail if you wish to know more details.

Estimated Timeframe:

Ensuring all content (copy, imagery, and other information/data) is provided as approved for launch ('ready-to-start'), the timeframe ranges from 3-5 weeks from being ready to start.

*Note, current schedule allows us to begin work no earlier than April 4, 2022.

Next Steps

To ensure we start with a common frame of reference and are both comfortable, here are some of the next steps to get the ball rollin'.

  1. Let's Connect! -- I'd love to answer any questions or concerns you have specific to this proposal and hear what we can do to help long-term.

  2. If you're ready to move forward, review and sign the Confidentiality Agreement and Proposal Pricing and we will be in touch from there.

  3. If you're ready to move forward, review and sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

  4. Review and sign the Master Services Agreement.

  5. Review and sign the Statement of Work.

  6. Review and sign the Proposal Pricing for this project.

  7. Review and process scheduled payment as outlined in the Invoice.

  8. With all agreements in place, we will schedule a brief kick-off meeting to officially begin the project.

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March 14, 2022