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June 1, 2019
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Welactin® Website Design, Development, and SEO

With a fast-approaching veterinary trade show and new product launch, the Welactin team approached me to add a page to their existing site for their latest product. After initial conversations, I understood their desire to eventually update their website with a fresh new design. With that understanding and the freedom to run, I was able to design and develop an entirely new website instead of just plugging in a new page.

the Problem:

the Process:

Services Provided:

Instead of a quick-fix on their existing website, I was able to produce an entirely new responsive website with optimized performance and higher SEO standards—all in less time than their typical turnaround to do the development. Here are some details on this project up to its launch:

  • Collaboration with brand managers and development team.
  • High-fidelity RWD web design and prototyping for routing approvals.
  • Development of entire site from scratch.
  • Handed off code to development team where they modified to conform to existing legacy standards. These adjustments are evident in the final published website with removal of various ALT and Heading Tags, as well as other changes to strip out flex-box and grid elements.
the Solution:

Full-Stack Agile Design & Development

Welactin® Website Design, Development, and SEO

For this project, I was able to help the Welactin marketing team move beyond a simple fix and instead design and develop an entire website faster than their typical turnaround to code a landing page. This advancement took a weight off of their marketing team, allowed them to focus on other tasks to prepare for the product launch of Welactin Advanced 3TA.

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