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June 4, 2020
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Avmacol - Shopify Theme Design & Development (with SEO and ADA/WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance)

Avmacol is a clinically researched, sulforaphane producing, autism-supporting vitamin supplement that also works to support the immune system. This site was a complete refresh to serve a new line extension and sell direct via a custom Shopify theme, originally built in Webflow.

the Problem:

How do we say this without saying it--and with impact?!

Most importantly for Avmacol was the need to spread the news into the Autism community about the benefits that some in the science and research community already knew. To do this, we needed to utilize visuals and interaction to help users understand that this beneficial supplement was for them and their family, not just immune support. Secondarily, outside of the standard design and development, this site was specific to become a custom Shopify theme with ongoing site updates as the brand continued to grow.

the Process:

the Solution:

Custom Shopify Theme Design

Avmacol - Shopify Theme Design & Development (with SEO and ADA/WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance)

Working with stakeholders and existing PR firm, designed and developed this site from scratch with the following features:

  • Collaboration with stakeholders, existing PR firm and legal team.
  • Creative direction to support photography ad shoots.
  • Responsive asset optimization for optimum site performance across all devices and browser resolutions.
  • High-fidelity RWD web design and prototyping through a variety of revisions due to cross-functional alignment.
  • Responsive site development from ground-up.
  • ADA / WCAG compliance.
  • Technical SEO implementation.
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