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Sermon Series for Lifepointe Church

While attending Lifepointe church, I saw an opportunity to help enhance the creativity of the church. I offered my services to establish a sermon series template for digital signage, powerpoints, video overlays, and social media.

the Problem:

the Process:

Services Provided:

I assisted the pastoral team with developing creative concepts on a sermon series by presenting visual themes that aligned with the message. Below are some concepts that helped the team envision a method to connect with those attending Sunday services. With this, their creative minds were sparked and ideas came forward that helped the team become even more excited about the approaching series.

the Solution:

Sticky Note

Sermon Series for Lifepointe Church

The "sticky note" concept was well-received and sparked ideas for how they would (1) connect to those attending, (2) encourage them to return to hear more in the series, and (3) increase engagement during each sermon. Example: I provided a design to have a large vinyl sign printed that allowed visitors to write questions on sticky notes to be answered throughout the sermon series.

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