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November 25, 2020
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Rush Website Design & Development

Todd Pierce and Riding High Ministries are bringing families and communities together to share the Gospel of Jesus. As part of this mission, RHM sought to develop a new website in order to help share their powerful film "Ground Shakers".

the Problem:

the Process:

Services Provided:

With an approaching paid media campaign, the client found themselves in need to launch a new site within less than a week. Under an extraordinary tight deadline, I delivered a custom-designed and developed responsive website, scraping data from an old site to build a new blog-style journal with over 100 posts, incorporate custom CDN video hosting, social integration, chat and chatbot functionality, and more. Here are some details on this project up to its launch:

  • Collaboration with the RHM team and their partners to gather requirements and assets.
  • High-fidelity RWD web design and development of entire site from scratch.
  • Scrape existing site to gather, clean-up, and migrate blog posts.
  • Best practices in SEO and ADA / WCAG accessibility
  • Incorporate social sharing, social feeds, Facebook commenting, YouTube subscribe buttons.
  • Custom-styled and accelerated videos with global CDN video hosting.
  • Chat + Chatbot Functionality with 5 custom and dynamic workflows.
the Solution:

Rush Website Design & Development

Rush Website Design & Development

This rush website design-development job turned out to be a great success. The client was able to launch their existing marketing campaign with a new website that tied into the campaign--and I was blessed in the process to help such a great organization.

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