Nutramax Laboratories, Inc.
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June 1, 2019
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Nutramax Corporate Website Design, Development, SEO and ADA/WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

With a passion to serve, Dr. Bob Henderson grew his small pharmacy to an international corporation. As an industry leader in vitamin supplements, Nutramax helps both humans and their pets live a better life. While held in high regard for their supplements, their passion and excellence in the CPG world did not translate to their web presence. This is where I came in to help...

the Problem:

Disconnected User Experience and Struggling SEO

Nutramax Laboratories' growth as an industry leader in the supplement industry has driven them to focus their efforts to enhance their struggling web presence.

I was able to help them address the following issues with a complete redesign:

  • Separate websites for Mobile and Desktop with missing content, links and services on mobile.
  • Small text embedded into images, making it difficult for users to view and a struggle to make updates.
  • Other issues from content hierarchy, heading tags, site structure, form labeling, focus-states, etc.
  • Limited or missing user-focused messaging and CTA's to feature company's many strengths.
the Process:

Services Provided:

Working alongside many different departments, I was able to provide design, development and marketing services with SEO implementation. Below are some of the services I provided:

  • Collaboration with various departments from content writers to marketing to legal review.
  • Creative direction to support photography ad shoots.
  • Created technical specifications, templates, and image processing scripts and effects to support asset creation.
  • Responsive asset optimization for optimum site performance across all devices and browser resolutions.
  • High-fidelity RWD web design and prototyping through a variety of revisions due to cross-functional alignment.
  • Responsive site development from ground-up with back-end development support for existing gated services.
the Solution:

Connect, Create, Captivate!

Nutramax Corporate Website Design, Development, SEO and ADA/WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

The 3 C's: Connect, Create, Captivate! Alongside taking ownership and a general passion to help others move forward, these 3-C's are my motto and were instrumental for the success of this project. As outlined in the services listed above, I was able to help Nutramax shave off time by combining the design and development of this project all at once. While combining the design and development isn't always ideal, it mostly proved successful for this project as it allowed me to develop all image asset requirements that guided photography ad shoots and other asset generation.

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