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Music Wear - Branding & Web Design

This t-shirt start-up approached me to consult on their brand name, domain selection, provide logo design, and creative direction.

the Problem:

Client: "Where do I begin?!"

MGT Designs approached me with an idea to transform music lyrics into t-shirt designs and other apparel. The mission behind her business was to give people another means to spread God's word through Christian song lyrics displayed in a fun, unique or humorous t-shirt design.

the Process:

Consultation & Visualization

As a new start-up, MGT was faced with one main obstacle: Pinning down the company name and domain. I worked with the client to talk through pros and cons from a marketing and SEO perspective to some of their initial ideas and helped them visualize brand names with various mockups for their brand identity.

the Solution:

Vocal Attire vs. Music Wear

Music Wear - Branding & Web Design

After a few rounds of design, the final decision and branding landed on 'Music Wear'. Here you can see the logo design alongside other graphic elements--from stationery to web design to promotional apparel.

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