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June 1, 2019
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Chroniquin® Website Design

As a new player in the market, Chroniquin took established competitors by storm with their full-spectrum hemp oil extract for aging dogs. Under a tight deadline to go-live in under 4 weeks, I provided brand positioning and creative direction support to design their website alongside copywriting and photography shoots.

the Problem:

the Process:

Services Provided:

With a tight deadline, I had a great opportunity to sit alongside key stakeholders on this project. From brand positioning to photo shoots, web design and support for back-end architecture, I designed this website to primarily target veterinarians while allowing pet parents to gain information and buy direct. Here are some of the services I provided:

  • Creative direction throughout the process, with initial guidance on style, mood, and color scheme.
  • Design mock-ups to aid in stakeholder decision making on brand identity.
  • Additional visuals to kick-start supporting marketing campaigns, primarily digital and social media.
  • High-fidelity RWD web design and prototyping.
  • Developer hand-off: web optimized assets and documentation.
the Solution:

1, 2, 3, Launch!

Chroniquin® Website Design

Offering an agile workflow, I was able to provide real-time visibility into the design and prototyping of this website--and in doing so helped shave off weeks of back-and-forth by allowing stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the process instead of their typical 'waterfall' approach to design and development.

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