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Amazon Product Page Template with A+ Content (Replica for Presentation Purposes)

In the CPG world of selling on Amazon, there is huge opportunity to enhance the sales experience directly on the product page. Because Amazon doesn't offer a tool to properly represent designs within a product page (thumbnails and A+ content), I created this template to assist designers (myself included of course) when presenting our design work to key stakeholders.

the Problem:

No way to present both (1) product thumbnails and (2) A+ designs in context on a product page before publishing

Working to design product thumbnails and A+ content for dozens of brands, I faced a challenge in presenting the designs in-context of an Amazon product page because Amazon's SellerCentral / VendorCentral didn't offer the ability to load all thumbnails and A+ content together on a page. You can create content for A+ pages, but it's now shown in context of the page and also doesn't include the thumbnails.

the Process:

the Solution:

Solution? Build a dynamic Amazon product page for internal reviews

Amazon Product Page Template with A+ Content (Replica for Presentation Purposes)

Built from scratch in Webflow, this Amazon product page with A+ section solved our problem in presenting designs in-context.

Features include:

  • True-to-life replica of an Amazon product page for Desktop down to mobile.
  • Removed on-page content that distracts from creative and legal reviews.
  • Blur feature to help focus on thumbnails and A+ content instead of the surrounding copy which also helped in capturing screenshots for routing and legal reviews to not distract from what needs to be approved.
  • Easy functionality to add content for new designs or products.
  • Of course, shareable link to help with reviews and approvals.
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